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Annual File Reviews

The following records and/or documentation will be reviewed and must be available on the scheduled review date:

  • All tenant household files, including the initial files in the following order:
  • The most recent Tenant Income Certification (TIC)
  • Third-party verifications
  • Any needed affidavits
  • HOME Addendum
  • at move-in (for HOME projects only)
  • The current lease agreement or renewal of lease addendum
  • The same order starting with the TIC for every re-certification down to the move-in TIC and verifications or you can use re-certification form
  • The application should be behind the lease at move-in
  • The current rent roll (sample HOME rent roll or sample Housing Credit rent roll) with the following information:
    • Move-in date and move-in income
    • Latest re-certification date and latest re-certification income
    • The percentage of 50% income limit households and 60% income limit households per building (for HOME projects only)
    • Unit number
    • Tenant Household Name(s)
    • Head of Household
    • Co-head of Household (last names only)
    • Number of tenants at move-in and re-certification
    • Move-out date for vacancies
  • Project utility allowance documentation;
  • A copy of the completed Form 8609 that was filed the first year of the credit period;
  • Building identification numbers for each building in the project and the units located in each building;
  • Type of rental assistance and the number of households receiving rental assistance;
    • If the household is receiving Section 8 rental assistance, place the most current Section 8 paperwork which shows the household and public housing authority's share of the rent with the TIC;
    • If the household is receiving owner-financed or private rental assistance (PRA), include a list of which households are receiving the assistance. The unit number and the amount of assistance each household is receiving will be required. Once the amount in the owner provided assistance (PRA) account has been spent, AHFA will request documentation of all disbursements from the PRA account.
  • The Affirmative Marketing Plan and documentation to show how management is implementing the plan.

AHFA will review the household files and documentation for at least 25% of the units in a project and conduct a physical inspection of the exterior and interior of 20% of the project's low-income units, including vacant units (if necessary).