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HOME regulations require that 15 percent of HOME funds each year must be allocated to projects owned by Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO). The CHDO designation is granted to a nonprofit, community-based service organization whose staff members have the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves. The CHDO designation is tied to the specific role a nonprofit organization plays in a particular project. The nonprofit is responsible for maintaining the capacity to fulfill that role throughout the affordability period of the project.

Qualifying Criteria

A CHDO must be a nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) tax-exempt ruling from the Internal Revenue Service. Please note that the following documents are provided for informational purposes only. Please obtain current forms and publications directly from the IRS.

Becoming a CHDO

2018 CHDO Certification Application

2018 CHDO Certification Applications are due to AHFA by Wednesday, December 13th by 5pm. Only 2018 Applicants with a CHDO Certification Application submitted by the deadline will be considered for the CHDO Set-Aside in the 2018 Competitive Cycle.

Annual Re-certification

Previously approved CHDOs must be re-certified annually for all AHFA Projects for which CHDO funds were awarded and the project is in the Compliance Period. The Annual Re-certifications are due with the Owner Certification submitted to AHFA Compliance in April. Using the current year CHDO Certification Application, please address all material changes in the organization and/or board since the award of the project. Evidence of these changes must also be provided. 

HUD-Approved CHDO Training Consultants

For additional information, please contact Dondra Houlditch.