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FY17 Annual Report Released

January 03, 2018

AHFA is pleased to announce the release of our FY17 Annual Report. #OurAlabamaHome was AHFA's theme for FY17. We regularly travel to visit with customers who bought their home or found affordable housing through AHFA programs. As we traveled to visit these customers in FY17, we also highlighted their city or town to celebrate Alabama and to illustrate how AHFA's programs reach all across the state. This year's Annual Report highlights our achievements in FY17 and also includes a link to our financial statements.

To view the report, visit You can also download and/or print the publication.

To read the Annual Report, simply click the arrows on either side of the screen to flip forward or backward through the publication. If your speakers are on, you will hear a page turn sound that can be turned up or down, or turned off entirely.

The publication has various interactive elements including hyperlinks that point to webpages as well as videos throughout. These interactive elements will quickly "blink" when you turn the pages. When your mouse hovers over them, a purple background will appear, and your mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a hand.                                        

We hope you enjoy reading our FY17 Annual Report. Thank you for your support!